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Rancilio Home Confinement Services (RHCS) is a leader in providing offender tracking and alcohol monitoring solutions to corrections and law enforcement agencies.

We are committed to taking the burden off the already overburdened judicial system by providing offender release and sentencing alternatives. These options offer a solution to jail overcrowding by providing 24-hour tracking of offenders.

RHCS services include:

Read about how tethering gives agencies a leg up on costs!

Each agency provides the RHCS local monitoring center with a set of guidelines specific to each offender. Many agencies have discovered that our monitoring programs assist not only tracking, but also the rehabilitation of the probationer. By providing a structured program with quick response to any violation, offenders develop positive, habit-changing behaviors which are often carried forward after the completion of the tether program.

RHCS provides the most cost-effective tether programs in the state. We offer both offender and agency pay programs. By specializing in offender pay programs, we relieve agencies and courts of the burden of collections while working with each offender on payment issues.

At Rancilio Home Confinement Services, we provide the Criminal Justice Community with:

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We offer the latest Electronic GPS Tether Monitoring & Tracking products throughout Michigan.

SOBERLINK SL2 Remote Alcohol monitoring with GPS and Photo ID.

BI TAD Alcohol and curfew monitoring device.

ONE PIECE GPS TRACKING Advanced offender tracking in a compact, wearable one-piece package.

SMART® RF MONITORING Curfew compliance tool and home monitoring system.

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Soberlink SL2

Product Overview

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) estimates that a majority of criminal offenders were under the influence of alcohol alone when they committed their crimes. The SOBERLINK SL2 holds pre-trial defendants and probationers accountable for their sobriety.

Key Product Features

  • Mobile Alcohol Monitoring and Accountability/li>
  • Simple, Reliable Testing
  • Enhancing Public Safety

Find out more about the Soberlink SL2 here.

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Product Overview
BI TAD BI TAD is an alcohol and curfew monitoring device that will soon be available from BI Incorporated to corrections agencies nationwide. The ankle-worn device uses transdermal technology to constantly monitor whether or not an individual has been drinking. An absorption sensor rests firmly against a client's bare ankle and monitors alcohol levels through the individual's perspiration. If there is alcohol data to report, TAD transmits the data to a receiver in the client's home when he or she comes within range of the receiver. Data is then reported to the central monitoring computer.

TAD also monitors client curfew using traditional radio-frequency technology to detect presence or absence in the home. By providing this dual monitoring functionality, TAD virtually eliminates inventory management issues and saves officers time.

Key Product Features

  • Receiver operates via landline or cellular connection
  • Continuously monitors for alcohol
  • Field-replaceable battery (six-month battery life)
  • Assembly weighs eight ounces
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 2 x 3.4 inches
  • Multiple modes of tamper detection including a fiber optic strap and proximity detection
  • Multiple alert notification methods for officers (i.e. fax, page, text message, e-mail)
  • Variable range settings for curfew monitoring
  • Radio-frequency monitoring on proven 314.2 Mhz frequency
  • Intuitive monitoring software makes enrollment simple
  • No client training or initial testing needed
  • Secure officer login at available 24x7x365
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Product Overview
Smart One Wearable MTD 3M™ One-Piece GPS Offender Tracking System integrates tracking, communication and mapping technologies. Operators can efficiently track offenders virtually anywhere, anytime, at varying levels of intensity through a single, compact body-worn unit.

The system features the ability to define inclusion and exclusion zones, animated and birds-eye-view mapping and the convenience of an offender wearing just one device on the leg. The system communicates certain events to the offender through vibrations and LED lights and can switch monitoring intensity modes remotely through software downloads, or automatically, per program rules definition.

3M™ One-Piece GPS Offender Tracking System features full house arrest supervision and will report technical events or violations of schedule restrictions, enabling agencies to apply home curfew restrictions in line with their program.

Key features:

  • Four supervision levels: active, alert, passive, and optional RF curfew monitoring
  • Multiple methods of offender communication: LED lights and vibration
  • Collects GPS points every 60 seconds (adjustable); once every 15 seconds when in zone violation
  • User configurable alerts and program rules
  • Continued tracking and offender alerts independent of communication availability
  • Multiple tracking technologies, back up location detection using LBS
  • Reliable data storage
  • Remote software upgrades and modifications
  • Functionality status indications
  • Multiple tamper detections
  • Securely fits on offender's ankle using an adjustable, easy to install strap
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic, waterproof and tamper resistant
  • 24 hour battery power
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Product Overview
Smart RF Monitoring System The SMART® RF Home Curfew Monitoring system utilizes Pro Tech's state-of-the-art technology as an effective curfew compliance tool at an affordable price. The SMART® RF System is designed specifically for offender monitoring and is proven to be versatile, reliable and tamper resistant.

SMART® RF utilizes Pro Tech's ankle transmitter together with the proven Base Unit. Offenders are fitted with a tamper-resistant ankle bracelet and assigned a Base Unit that is placed in the offender's residence. The Base Unit provides a detailed recording of all leaves and enters, as well as tamper detection, phone line and power monitoring. The SMART® RF System notifies supervising officers of any unauthorized events, including curfew and bracelet violations. The Base Unit calls Pro Tech's Surveillance Data Center (SDC) via a landline connection approximately every six hours or whenever a violation has been detected. This information can be accessed at any time by utilizing Pro Tech's acclaimed PCE software and a secure Internet connection.

Easy to Use , Easy to Track
The SMART® RF Home Curfew Monitoring System generates alerts as desired, on either a real-time basis or as next-day reporting. Each supervising officer receives a Daily Violation Summary Report (DVSR) via email, providing a detailed record of activity for all offenders making the system extremely user-friendly.

The SMART® RF Home Curfew Monitoring System delivers the unique flexibility of selecting the supervision level that is appropriate for the offender. The offender may be switched from SMART® RF to SMART® Passive or SMART® Active tracking by simply assigning a tracking device to the offender. No changes are required to the Base Unit or the ankle bracelet, and the same software interface is used for all supervision levels. The versatility of the SMART® System makes it the one system that meets every supervision need without additional training or time-consuming equipment changes.